Friday, September 26, 2014

Give Us More Good News Please

Hey guys, did you know that Indonesian people are actually smart?

Yeah, I know, suprising right?

No, I mean it. Aside from the famous people - like Mr. Habibie, our aeronautics expert, or Mr. Anwar, the 4G inventor - which are pretty much known around the world, we also got the young ones coming out on top of the intellectual race and they're pretty much nobody compared to the big shots out there before they managed to came up with something awesome.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seeing is Not Believing for Some People

One day, my friend asked me this: "Have you ever felt so annoyed you feel like stabbing someone?"

Boy, you have no idea

I told him I'd just write it off whenever that kind of thing happens, since I could rant however I want without actually hurting anyone. Although most of the times I would just go on a virtual killing spree to ease that bloodlust.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Personal Page Up

So I made a personal Facebook page. Yay.

It does look empty now, which is pretty obvious. But I do hope that it will be filled with more stuffs later on, I want to make sure that I could at least contribute to the internet community, especially to those first people who supported my page. Even though all of you have been a friend of mine for quite a while.

So let's talk about the purpose of the page for a bit, shall we.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Not the Shadow of Chernobyl, but Still a Stalker

So for this last semester we got this subject called Working Across Borders, a one credit subject that is supposed to be about how to maintain a working condition when you're abroad. Like for instance, learning the country's local language, studying their culture, trying to read their hand signals, or trying not to laugh on their unique way of communicating, stuffs like that.

As for what I was personally expecting from the lesson, I would love to know more about how to reach out to the majority of the people despite the cultural difference, learning what they all would love to get and what they don't. Because this blog, for some reason, have more foreign readers compared to the ones from Indonesia (probably because of the language used, quite a surprise there). And I thought it would be nice to know about this subject should I be working within foreign community.

This place comes to mind

Friday, September 5, 2014

Treants Grow Up, Why Can't We?

I had two events to attend on last Sunday, one of which was the wedding reception for my friend the renowned closet pervert, and the other one was for my cousin is going to go to England to continue her study this month, so we had a farewell party for her. Both were scheduled at the same time so I had to leave early from the reception to catch up with my cousin's. Of course, I left after eating every single food that I can fit in my stomach beforehand. Cheers, buddy.

Also, you look good in that

When I joined up with my cousins, they were having their own lunch at Bakmi GM - it's a noodle restaurant in case some of you foreign readers don't know about it. Quite tasty too, if you can handle the somewhat expensive price (for me, at least). I actually wanted to eat some as well, but decided to hold out since I'm aware of the price.