Thursday, January 1, 2015

Where We're Going, We Need a Purpose

2014 is over. Sadly, it went out with tears of griefing people instead of celebration and happiness, no thanks to the recent AirAsia aircraft accident. My deepest condolences to the victims and their families and friends.

But the year has passed and it's the start of a new one, we can't turn back the time and save those people. All we, the people who are not directly involved in their search, could do for them now is to pray for them to be found. If there are survivors, I hope they would be rescued immediately. But as for the deceased, I hope that at least their bodies could be found, and may they leave this world in peace.

And now, there must be a lot of people who have their own '2015 resolutions' out there. Some might say that they will just go with the flow, but that is also a resolution in its own way. There would also be people trying to be funny by mentioning their monitor resolution, which in turn will be met with frowns and sympathetic sad look from people around them.

While some people would say that making a new year resolution would make you look like arrogant dicks, the claim only becomes valid when you're nagging that resolution to those around you; and once you're done rubbing it off to their face, you would ask about theirs with a condescending look while preparing to shoot down their hopes and dreams.

"Hey guys, this loser thinks that he could have more raise than I've ever had!"

So, as surprising as it is to hear (read) this from some lazy bum who spends ninety percent of his days sitting in front of a computer and is in love with an imaginary girl, you do need a resolution to be made real - a target, if you may. It doesn't have to be something so noble, or something that would change your life forever, but it needs to be able to give you a sense of accomplishment when you finally reach it. And also, make sure you keep it in a realistic way.

I do wish that I had started everything that I have been doing a lot earlier last year, but I don't want to have any regrets either. What has been done cannot be undone (or in my case, the other way around), the only thing I could do now is to make sure that it won't happen again this year.

To be fair, I didn't get a 26 years ahead of time heads up for what I should have accomplished this year

As for my target this year, I wish to be able to help support the basic needs in our house, mainly the electric bills and the internet because that's what matter the most. And get this blog to entertain (at least around) ten thousand viewers by the end of the year. Also, to give two thousand people another place they could hang around at on YouTube.

Is it realistic? It sure sounds like it. I barely played games merely just to have fun anymore for the past month, so I should be able to pull those off once I could manage my other, less tempting distractions. What about you? What are your targets for this year? If it would make you a better person than you are last year, then I sincerely wish for you to achieve those targets.

Well, with that being said...
Happy new year, everyone. And thank you for reading after all this time too. Let's make this year better!!

Art by my best friend, right here

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