Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ramadhan has Arrived

To my muslim readers, we have now entered a holy month, the Ramadhan. Let us follow through this month of fasting with peace and harmony, and hopefully we'll keep it that way for the rest of the whole year until next Ramadhan comes around.

We shall face the trials for days to come together, and we will not relent. We will triumph.

So lay off the porn for a while, will ya

With this I'm going to say to you guys:
Congratulations for reaching yet another Ramadhan, let the battle begin.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Me Dissapointed! Me Angry! Grimlock Hate Human Bay!"

I was a real fan of Transformers back in my childhood, I enjoyed the G1 cartoons and I even endure the poorly dubbed animated Beast Wars series, just because. I used to have a lot of Transformers toys, from the small ones up to the almighty Devastator himself. They are all no longer with me, sadly. The last one I had fell over the window of my crib back on my first year of college.

And even now that I have forgotten most important parts from the series, I am still a fan, albeit not as enthusiast as the other real hardcore fans out there. As I grew older, and the technology kept advancing, there was one thought that keeps popping in my head: "Why haven't we got a Transformers movie yet?"

My wish came true back in 2007, a Transformers movie was finally released, and I was overjoyed beyond words. I immediately asked my girlfriend (yes, I had one real, flesh-and-blood girlfriend before, now close that gaping mouth) to watch it with me.

It was astounding. All the scenes with the vehicles transforming into giant robots completely enchanted me. I didn't even care that the acting were so mediocre and the jokes were bad; it was a Transformers movie for crying out loud. I even clapped along with some other fans in the studio to the point we almost did a standing ovation when Optimus Prime finally showed up.

'Almost', because otherwise we would expose our boner from this one scene

Friday, June 27, 2014

Gutes Spiel, Gut Gespielt

I planned to post something else today, but let this one be reserved for celebrating Germany's victory over USA with a 1-0 score, and congratulations to both of them for advancing to the next stage.

Miss Bismarck would be proud, don't know about the artist though

Both sides played very well, which I didn't expect from the USA since they, well, kinda sucks on the previous world cups. And to be fair, that one goal came out of nowhere, so it was a legit skill shot right there, not the keeper's fault or anything.

That being said, I'll leave the rest of the review of that match to the more experienced (and enthusiast) people that you could find pretty much everywhere on the internet, since I got other more important things to do

Like watching this girl for another 30 minutes

Friday, June 20, 2014

What Should I Write About Now....

So yesterday, a friend of mine asked via his Facebook status page, just like every other cool old-kids would, for any ideas that would make a good article. Lots of replies came, but they were mostly about world domination by an evil organization for some reason - which actually does have a potential to be a good article as it is, since it has been the main theme of most tokusatsu and super sentai TV series.

One of them suggested to "make an article about making a good article", jokingly of course. But the idea of making something inside something and making it go deeper actually proved to work so well that it becomes a good idea. So thank you, passing stranger who posted a comment on my friend's status, for giving me a good material.

And thank you Google Translate, for being drunk as always

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dark Side, Light Side, Whatever

I've talked about how I never liked politics before. If I have to rank it in my most hated conversation topics, it's right there below 'Sports' and slightly above 'Religion debate'. Because just like the latter, no matter what you say won't sway the other party to your side - and just like the former, no matter how much you're in love with it doesn't mean that you need to express it thoroughly to every single person in your life. Really, how would YOU feel when us gamers start blabbering to no end about our world?

"So get this, the guy went 1v2 and then he pulled out a combo from his Q and W and finish them up with his ult, so awesome!! Right? Right?! Hey, are you listening?"

And these days, as if spreading black campaigns and made up articles were not enough, people in the social media have been putting up their profile picture with a clear statement of who they are supporting for the next presidential election, and claiming that their choice is "the right one". Since someone already went all-out grammar nazi about this phenomenon, I'm going to talk about it from other perspectives.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It Was All Me, Sorry

I realized I haven't posted anything recently, and I would like to apologize - especially to myself. Well, it's not like I can help it, really. Surely I can give some other reason for not updating, but I think it would be futile because why should I lie anyway.

Especially since I learned I can't exactly hide everything