Friday, November 28, 2014

Still Wondering What Did the 'Tree of Savior' Had Done to Earn that Name

If you're familiar with the MMORPG genre, then you must have at least know about Ragnarok Online, like pretty much half of MMORPG players do. It was a very big hit back in its time, and it also proved that once again, Korean MMO games rule the world.

Long before their ridiculous, yet catchy, songs do

But the game came out here in Indonesia during the time when I was still in High School, and I was an overly secluded kid back then, so I couldn't play it anyway. The main reason that I didn't want to play it was because it's a pay to play game, and when I thought about it and adding the money I would need to spend to play in cyber cafes, I wouldn't be able to hide it from my parents at all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey, Teachers, Have a Good Day

It's the national teacher's day here in Indonesia, which is commemorated on the same day as the formation of the Indonesian Teachers' Association, the PGRI. That means, (most) schools all around the nation would actually have their teachers to be treated right for once in a while.

"I can finally eat three meals a day today!"

As for me, I find that having a ceremonial activity to dedicate our appreciation for teachers just for this one day is a weird thing to do. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect teachers a lot. And even though there are some of them who are incapable of doing their work properly, to the point that they were actually some bat-shit perverts in disguise, having one day dedicated solely for their existence is actually a good idea.

However, I can't shake this dark thought that despite of all that praise for teachers flying around the whole day, things will just go back to the same as it was before; Most of them would return to their work the next day as underpaid, unappreciated heroes who personally help build the entire society that we have today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shittiest Night-shift Job Ever

If you've been lurking around the internet and/or especially Youtube, you should be familiar with the title Five Nights at Freddy's (FnaF). It is a point-and-click indie survival horror game that became very popular in only a few days after its release, with mostly positive reviews all around. Its second installment, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (FnaF2), was released around a week ago, and horror game fans swarmed all over it thanks to the success of the first FnaF.

So what's this game is all about that it earned so much fame in a short time? Let's go through the plot first. You play as a security guard in a family restaurant called 'Freddy Fazzbear's Pizza', a family restaurant where "kids and parents alike come for the entertainment and food". Their form of entertainment comes in the form of special animatronics mascots, 'Freddy' the bear and his friends, programmed to please the crowds. 

I just can't see how kids would love these things

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Starting Up Small to Grow Big

It's already more than a week since my last post, time sure flies by so fast when you're not paying attention to it. I'll just go ahead and confess that I got hit by a mood swing that made me lazy to do practically anything productive for all these days.

The final class at my college is just so damn boring even though it shouldn't have because it's about family business, which is something I have been interested to learn for quite a long time. The boredom kinda infected my thought process, so I totally slacked around for most of the time, while I'm fully aware that I shouldn't be like that at all.

Anyway so, uh, how are you guys doing?

Yeah... really sorry about that

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Tribute to Command & Conquer, the RTS Legend

Quick, what is the first genre that comes up in your mind when you hear the word "PC game"?

Results may vary, there's no right or wrong answer. Especially when literally every one of them can be related to a PC game, be it action, adventure, strategy, RPG, sports, visual novels, erotic games, etc. You name it, the PC got it, even the ones that makes you wonder "what the fuck am I playing?".

This should be a simulator for toddlers

As for me, I would go with Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. Two reasons, the first one being that it is THE only game that you could play properly on a PC. Sure, there has been some versions of it released for consoles, but I didn't enjoy playing it there at all. How the hell can you manage multiple squads, constructions, resource gathering, and unit micro-management all at the same time with a goddamn joypad?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

To Pee or Not to Pee

Ah, humans. Our magnificent species that reached the top of the food chain with our intelligent brain that can actually think of new ways to adapt and survive, and our multipurpose limbs to craft tools that have never seen before and to do mini-parkours across the mountains. Oh, and also with the suggested help of one big asteroid.

"'Sup, bitches?"

We have strived so much throughout the millenia that it might sound weird that we used to live in caves drawing stick figures on the walls while not masturbating in our free alone-time, and got totally freaked out when we "created" fire for the first time. I mean, really, we've come a long way indeed.