Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Game's 'Fun' in Its Purest Form

2014 Steam Christmas sale is coming, so I hope you gamers have some money left to spare for the outrageous discounts and didn't spent too much on the last sale period. I had to admit, several of the price were so low that I bet a lot of you bought games that you might never play anyway. Might want to remember this the next time you want to tease girls for buying a lot things out of impulse. But I do hope that you at least got your hands on Garry's Mod (Gmod) among other things.

"What is it?" you may ask. Well, Gmod is a physics sandbox game using a modified Source engine from Valve, where you can do literally anything you want. There are no goals or objective that you must do in order to play it 'properly', the game will just put you in a map and gives you tools and other stuffs to play with and have fun with all of it, the rest is completely up to you.

Yes, this is an in-game screenshot

Hardcore gamers might find it ridiculous, but isn't that what a game is all about in the first place?  A world where we could just have fun? Here's a playlist of the gameplay ridiculousness from Vanoss, one of Youtube's big names, if you want to see just how crazy it is. If you want to play for a purpose, there are a lot of other game modes available for you to play should you got bored playing around with the sandbox, strapping Hatsune Mikus on a rocket and launching them to the sky.

Or Buzz Lightyear, depends on your preference, really

The favorite ones are "Prop Hunt", where you play hide and seek with one team can disguise as any prop available and the other team hunts them down. "Trouble in Terrorist Town", where you play as Terrorists from Counter-Strike (seriously, do you even need that link?) but there is one (or multiple) traitor among you that must kill everyone else. "Hide & Seek", which is basically your everyday hide and seek game minus the law of gravity, and those who got tagged will turn into the seeker. And "Murder", which uses the same concept as TTT, except that there is only one murderer and one detective with a gun, the rest are helpless bystanders.

I've played all of them, but my favorite is Prop Hunt, mainly because it doesn't require much communication to play it unlike TTT and Murder, where communication is the key to deduce who is the backstabbing bastard within. And there is also the fact that I'm just too shy to talk to new people in-game. I rarely talk in Planetside 2 as well despite having played it for two years now. I keep telling myself that I'm just roleplaying as a war scarred veteran soldier who got hit by a debris on the head and is now a retarded mute who can't aim for shit.

And the game is just too damn fun to play, if you could handle the lag (goddamned Indonesian internet). I could relive that feeling that I would get when I was playing hide and seek as a kid, even multiple times than that. For example, I couldn't help snickering like an idiot when I disguisded myself as a lamp and the hunters keep passing by right next to me, and I almost pissed my pants laughing when I got chased all over the map as a little tin can with bullets flying all over me.

The tension is so high I could get a boner

If you want to know what the game is like, there are lots of famous Youtubers play it with their friends like Vanoss does, such as PewDiePie and Markiplier. And there are the ones whose channel are filled with Gmod fun stuffs, like SeaNanners and Mr. Sark. Especially Nanners, he's pretty much the king of prop hunt, in my opinion.

I highly recommend you guys get this game if you haven't already, it will be worth your money. I'm also quite surprised that in my first five hours I met several Indonesian people in the game. The fun factor goes sky high when you're playing it with friends, so try to get them play together with you as well... and please invite me too, I have no friends :sadface:

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